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Saturday Playdate

Saturday Playdate

Mark your calendars and have fun with us! Make your Saturdays productive by attending our FREE Live Classes, Playdate Saturday. Check the poster for our activities. November 21: ART WORKSHOP November 28: BIBLE STORIES December 05: SPELLING December 12: FUN SCIENCE...

The Me2Learn Manifesto

The Me2Learn Manifesto

We value our student's zest for learning.   At ME2Learn, we give the highest importance to the act of learning and the learner.  We emphasize the learning part, as there is a big contrast to students entitled to special treatment and to the act of teachers finding...

Students' Testimonials

I wish to study with teacher Tina forever, I love her so much! 

English is my favorite subject and it gets more interesting when I learn with Teacher Tina. She is my fantastic English Teacher ever. Why?  Because I can speak English with a teacher about many interesting topics and I can tell the teacher my daily interesting stories. I like the lessons from teacher Tina because they are very interesting and fun. She has a smiling face that makes me happy and wants to learn English all the time. Find at that time. she is my best friend. She is very nice and friendly I am very excited before every class. I wish to study with teacher Tina forever, I love her so much!

If you want to iomprove your English you should not miss the chance to have some lessons with teacher Tina, You will be impressed!

Alley Do Khanh ty

Student of Me2Learn Online

Great Reading Session

The reading session was really great. Thank you for the free session.

Nharnhar Añora

Parent of Me2Learn Online Student

Completely Satisfied about everything

I’ve been in the class for 6 months, my favorite teacher is Ms. Tina, she is extremely professional, she helps me a lot with pronunciation and grammar and she has an amazing voice. This is my first time enrollingin the online class and I am completely satisfied about everything.

Tram Hoang

Student of Me2Learn Online

I love studying at Me2learn

I am from Vietnam I love studying at Me2Learn because it’s so much fun!! All the teachers and staff are friendly and we do lots of speaking in class and I now have many friends all over the world. You can always get help from the staff. Go ME2Learn

Binh Le Thanh

Student of Me2Learn Online

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